HEAnet Public Peering Policy


HEAnet (AS 1213) maintains an open public peering policy and will generally entertain peering requests from any organisation at public exchanges points where we have a presence.
We currently support IPv4 unicast & multicast and IPv6 unicast. We are more than happy to work with IPv6 newcomers and provide any assistance we can.

Private peering requests are also considered, however we operate a more selective private peering policy and in all cases prefer public peering at an open peering exchange.

Peering Requirements and Acceptable Usage

The following requirements apply to public peering relationships with HEAnet and complement the requirements of the IXPs at specific peering points.
Private peers are subject to additional requirement, to be agreed by both parties. Prospective peers should:

Peering Details

HEAnet maintains up-to-date RIPE IRR objects for AS1213. Our announcements are available as AS-HEANET.

HEAnet also maintains a PeeringDB entry which can be found at:

HEAnet have a peering presence in the following locations:
Public Peering
  INEX, Dublin.
    - Telecity, Citywest (LAN1).
    - InterXion DUB1, ParkWest (LAN2).
    - Cork Internet Exchange (CIX).

Private Peering at:
    - BT Application Hosting (EsatX), Citywest, Dublin.
    - InterXion DUB1, Park West, Dublin.
    - ServeCentric, Blanchardstown, Dublin.

Please send all peering requests and peering information requests to peering@heanet.ie.

Revision: 1.2. Revision Date: 2022-05-16 by Dónal Cunningham
Original Publish Date: 2010-01-13